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7 reasons why your business needs video marketing?

Video has the capacity to hold the attention of potential customers like no other marketing tool can. Vendors have increased using a variety of videos for promoting services and products now a days.  They use video marketing for landing pages, YouTube, email, recorded webinars and more to promote products. It is also help full for introducing products and services to upcoming buyers and also to create long lasting relationships with existing customer base.

Videos are the most effective and efficient way to convey content message as well as it helps to boost traffic on search engines. Also it shows user to spend more time on websites with videos.

In digital marketing strategies, videos are one of the most effective elements, read on to discover the 7 reasons why your business needs a video marketing

1.Showing up in social feeds

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter does an amazing job of presenting people what they are willing to see.  Expert says that video content has improved prospectus knowledge of product and services to potential buyers.

Using videos on social media websites could help to grow engagement and contribute to improving ranking, so buyers could find your website easily

2. Video gives more power to marketers

It is found that many customers prefer watching video on a mobile phone as there is a rapid growth of mobile phone users in past years. Marketers can expect more consumers to be watching videos on a cell phone. We are more likely to share content from brands to give more power to marketers for sharing their product and services in the form of videos.

3. Improved rank in search engines

You might also have noticed that videos grab your attention and even waste a huge amount of your important time. So video’s are the most entertaining part of our life. By placing your brand advertisement during the video, you can get engagement and traffic easily and can improve ranking on search engines.

4. People really love watching videos

As per the research of hyperfine media, one-third activity online spends watching videos, Obviously watching videos is fun,  and you can take advantage of it. Since marketers know very well how to reach your potential buyers and the use the video advertisement to learn customer about your products. It really does impact your business and let people think about your services to make them buy it.

5. Videos has potential to engage customer’s

 Videos has emotions,  so it becomes very easy for customer to make a purchase decision quickly.  98% of the people  says that they had watched an explainer video to learn more about the purchased product or services,   even the product videos are helpful for consumer to buy online.

6. video marketing companies found video very effective

 Not all videos are alike, actually no surprise that online marketer’s use video content to grow their business. Video marketing is a set of techniques, activities, and approaches for promoting services,  goods or brand through video content.

 There are a variety of video marketing variants that allow stimulating customers demand like direct advertising, product review, video clip,  video blog, etc.

Increase conversion rate

 Theoretical information is not only boring but also have low capacity to sell products.  Video’s who tells a story and people watch to know the end,  by making a perfect strategy the best video marketing company in Kolkata  can increase the product conversion rate in the city.

So what are you waiting for go ahead and give your business new wings with the help of video marketing!

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