Month: September 2018

Instagram- Social Media Marketing Tool

Instagram : Hidden gems of Social Media Marketing Tool

Those days are gone when Instagram was just another social platform for sharing photos. Today Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media apps for brand building and marketing.  Very recently a statistic comes in this statistic gives information on the number of monthly active Instagram users as of June 2018. As of that month, the mainly mobile photo sharing network had reached 1 billion monthly active users, up from 800 million in September 2017. The app is one of the most popular social networks worldwide and is projected to surpass 111 million in 2019.

We can’t ignore these facts. Marketers need to use Instagram as a prime place to effectively reach the right audience and establish a positive brand reputation. In this article we are focus on some points, the points are bellow

Build a Eye catchy profile

If you want to use Instagram as a marketing tool, you need to create a great presence on Instagram; this is especially important for small brands. You need to give a clear idea of who you or your brand is to new followers. A good bio is your elevator pitch. Try to include the essentials about you and what you do. Use target keywords and action verbs to help people find you. Make it simple for new visitors to capture your contact information or find your location. Add key contact details to your Instagram bio such email, address, phone number, etc. keep a good profile picture it matters a lot. It’s the first thing new visitors will see before reading your bio or checking out your posts. The profile picture helps define you as a person and your reputation, and evokes emotion.

On page optimization your control

The first step of SEO activity – On Page Optimization

As the term suggests, on-page optimization includes those techniques that can be done on the pages of a website. On-page optimization relates to those things that are within your control – i.e. the content of your website. On page optimization techniques help the search engine crawlers read the website content. A readable site helps to show quality and will result in higher ranked web pages.

This tools used to optimize any website we call it on page optimization

Keyword: a keyword is a significant word or phrase relevant to the content of the website. Search terms are the commonly used keywords that user type into a search engine to find the web page.

So you need to research on keywords it means finding the search phrase your customers commonly use. Filtered keywords according to custom date ranges, query volume Historical trends, city/country or global and related phrases.

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