12 ways to get back-links to your website!

SEO Company guarantees that a website cannot be run without building backlinks.  Now to convince you to let me tell you some basic factors why link building is kind of important!

  • Links point  to great content which deserves to be ranked well
  • Links pass power
  • Links pass trust
  • Search engines confirmed that it is unnatural to find a website without generating back-links
  • Links are WEB
  • A link is Google’s number one ranking factor

So now I think you are convinced why a back-links are very important for your website, the question arises now, how you will generate back-links for your website?  Well! That is why you are reading this post as I am going to describe those important 12 ways to get back-links of your website. 

  1. Back-links through infographics– It is the most popular method for bringing regular traffic and gaining valuable back-links for your website. 
  • Guest blogging– It is considered as the most effective way to reach new audiences by publishing articles on popular websites, like this you will be able to generate a genuine backlinks and popularity. 
  • Content promotion– Until you don’t know how to promote your content you won’t be able to get the back-links. What you need to do is just to get out in the world and does email outstretching to promote the best articles you have written, you even can outsource by hiring the best SEO consultant. 
  • Contact bloggers– Bloggers who have many followers can run your content weekly or monthly on their blogs to generate back-links for you.
  • Write testimonials– It is the best and easy method to earn quality back-links for a website. 
  • Donating to NGO’s– You heard right!  Donating to non-profit organizations is a current method to quickly get back-links for your website URL via contributor’s page.
  • By a major publisher– Almost every major publisher has valuable domain authority, so as long as you will post in a subsection relevant to your organization to generate back-links it will be beneficial for you.
  • Sponsorship page- Many websites and companies have sponsorship pages where you just need to make a contribution and these links might cost your donation.
  • Social media platforms- The links you post on social media also go through authority, less than a significant traditional web counterpart out you should be involved in many social media channels to increase your brand value.
  1. Create no-follow links– Not for SEO; no-follow links are great to generate traffic and to get more followers on social media.
  1. Blog commenting– Suggest your opinion to others blogs and YouTube channels to generate quality back-links relatively.
  1. Monitoring-   You must monitor each bank-link you have created or earned along with verifying that it carries as your values or not.

Final thoughts on getting back-links- If you really want to build back-links for a website, you have to do it with knowledge and precautions. 

Conclusion–   You can easily find link-building opportunities now a days by earning, quality back-links which is sometimes can be challenging.  Keep one thing in mind that along with keeping your back-links, it is as much important as building them.  Keep track of the back-links for your website by using many tools like Ahref, monitor backlinks and majestic.

Avoid getting backlinks from those pages where you don’t have any control. If you want to hire the best SEO agency for your link building then reach out to us at www.digitalinteract.in.

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